Saturday, April 24, 2010

Indoor paneling

I've finished the indoor paneling. Here's a view of the house in its current state.

Usually, you would start with outside paneling, but since the teeny house is too small to work on the inside, I've first put up panels indoors. Here's a view upwards from within the house.

Next up is some trimming of the corners and putting insulation in the house.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Kabouter" house

On this beautiful spring day, I've been working on my 1:4 model of a house constructed out of wood. I have finished the wall framing and roof framing. The kids see it as the future house of some "kabouters" (Dutch for gnomes or leprechauns). For me it's an exercise in trying to figure out a model of the smallest possible traditional house for one person.

Here's the house after finishing the roof framing.

The 1:4 model represents a 2.5m by 2.5m house. Through the only door, which will open outwards, you enter a small living room, with a table near two windows in a corner to your right. At te back of the little house, there will be room for a minimal kitchen, and there'll be a mini 70cm by 100cm toilet and shower combo. On the loft, there's enough space for a bed with its own window. You'll get on the loft by climbing steps mounted on the door.

The picture below shows the internal framing for the loft and the shower/toilet combo.